Clean, fluid lines, inspired by wire-shaped forms, as well tubular and circular forms, bent by geometric lines, sum up one of the main jewellery trends this season. Get on trend with our hot cuff bracelet, clean-cut ring earrings and flowing, diamond-shaped charm necklace!

Raising the bar for sustainable products

Heading into autumn, our collections get a twist this season, smartening up your look – super powerfully or playfully – with multi-tasking or contrasting accessories playing a leading role! Rather than invest in an expensive, seasonal wardrobe, update and elevate your look – with multi-tasking, versatile accessories!

Instant Game Changer to Classic Looks! Our power woman, minimalistic and sophisticated in dress, loves matching neutral colours with pops of bright colour. She appreciates lasting accessories with clever, functional design. Taking the empowered gentlewoman trend with its modern-classic direction to heart, she mixes British checks, stripes and paisleys with bold, colourful accessories. She has clear feminine appeal, with power-red as the key colour in her make-up, accessories and shoes – but with a masculine twist!