Are you passionate about skin care and love using your Novage+ routine? Do you want to give your business a boost by becoming a Skinfluencer? Then, the Skinfluencer course is for you!

Welcome to the Skinfluencer Certification Programme!​

Upon completion of all courses, you will receive a Skinfluencer Certificate. This means you are ready to start running Skin Care Sessions and create a Skin Care community in social media. Good luck and let's get started!


With the Skinfluencer Certification, you will learn the different Novage+ routines benefits and technologies and gain insight on how to recommend them based on skin needs. Additionally, you will learn how to growth your business with Novage+ through skin care sessions and how to generate relevant social media content to boost your business growth with Novage+.

Learn how Novage+ Lift+ Firm helped Elena rock 43 years old!

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Your Novage+ Sales Tools and Trainings

Have you already taken the Skinfluencer certification course? Then, you can now download the training presentations and sales support such as cheat sheets, short videos for social media, frequently asked questions, and answers about Novage+ and more.