Find your women. Love them hard.

We all win together.

The Stockholm woman is loyal and fiercely supports the people around her. She’s the person cheering other women. She knows there’s more power in lifting each other up and rising together. A winged liner is her go-to beauty staple, understated and effortlessly cool. She has opinions and individuality, but she doesn’t push them on others or step on people to achieve her goals. She’s SUPPORTIVE – that’s the Stockholm Way.

Never underestimate the power of blush to lift your look.
Never underestimate the power of blush to lift your look.

Get the SUPPORTIVE look

It’s all about a winged liner. A feline flick of black liner is forever on-trend, so master this go-to beauty look and you’ll always look chic. The trick is to use a liquid liner that is ultra-intense, so you get great colour pay-off instantly. Apply to the inner corner, then gently pull your eye from the end as you apply along the lashline. When you near the outer corner, wing the liner outwards towards your brow – keep it fine for a delicate flick, or create a triangle shape and fill it in for high impact. Finish the look with a slick of lengthening mascara and a hint of blush to lift the look.

Forever on-trend, a winged liner.

Make it precise

For perfect definition, fill in any gaps between the lashes – gently lift your eyelid and work the liner into the upper waterline from underneath, focusing on the lashes.

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