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Oriflame introduces Tenderly Promise - a new fragrance in support of World Childhood Foundation

Oriflame is launching a special cooperation with World Childhood Foundation, represented by H.R.H Princess Madeleine of Sweden. The company has developed a new fragrance, Tenderly Promise, and for every bottle purchased it will make a donation to World Childhood Foundation, with the aim of raising over 1 million euro over a three year period. The goal is to help children who are neglected, abused, exploited and alone to have happier, healthier childhoods full of dreams and the promise of a brighter future.

“At World Childhood Foundation, we believe that all children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life. We support over 100 projects around the world, assisting children who are at risk of or are victims of abuse, children who are in alternative care, street children, and families at risk. Childhood not only supports projects financially, but also through strategic capacity building and networking opportunities. We promote cooperation, knowledge transfer, and help improve and promote efforts in a cost-effective and qualitatively efficient way to support children in need,” comments H.R.H Princess Madeleine of Sweden, an Honorary Board Member of World Childhood Foundation.

Oriflame is a co-founder of World Childhood Foundation. When the company took the decision to launch a product in support of World Childhood Foundation, a fragrance was the natural choice. That is because it creates a powerful emotional link to this very special charity working with child protection projects around the world. And so the concept for Tenderly Promise was born: a totally new fragrance for Oriflame.

“I respect the work that Oriflame does to support and empower children. As one of the co-founders of World Childhood Foundation, they have worked in close collaboration with us over the last 15 years, raising close to 2 million euro. This new initiative shows the company’s clear dedication to help children fulfill their dreams by having a better childhood. All children should have the opportunity to dream, and the opportunity to pursue those dreams,” comments H.R.H Princess Madeleine of Sweden, an Honorary Board Member of World Childhood Foundation.

The fragrance
The inspiration for the fragrance was the idea of an innocent childhood moment, of children running with carefree happiness through a fragrant garden into the warm, safe embrace of a loving mother. A beautiful, simple moment – the kind of moment all children should experience but many, sadly, could never even dream of.

Tenderly Promise is an elegant floral-white flower fragrance, which celebrates the promise of  unconditional love. The fragrance opens with lemon sparkles, peach blossoms and pink peppercorns, evoking the joyful sound of children’s laughter. The heart’s elegant floral bouquet represents feminine grace, with creamy Royal White Lily, delightful lily of the valley and peony. The base is redolent of a warm, tender caress, with smooth, sensual sandalwood and powdery musks.

Top notes: lemon sparkles, peach blossoms, pink peppercorns.

Heart notes: Royal White Lily, lily of the valley, peony.

Base notes: sandalwood, musks.

Tenderly Promise is available in Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml.