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Product development philosophy

Our view

We know that Beauty and Wellbeing products can improve quality of life, and positively impact feelings of happiness, empowerment, self-esteem and self-image.  
Oriflame creates quality Swedish products, thoughtfully designed and developed with a clear philosophy.  
They are always: Performing, Safe and Responsible 

The three pillars of our philosophy

PERFORMING: Backed by science with proven results and benefits  
SAFE: Following the strictest safety standards, and beyond  
RESPONSIBLE: Reducing impact on planet and society 

Science-backed performance

We are immensely proud of our products and confident in how they perform. Behind each benefit and claim is strong proof of performance that meets the highest standards set for cosmetic and nutritional products.    

In Oriflame, for Cosmetics, science-backed means 50+ years’ experience in cosmetic development with expert formulation design and exploratory scientific research in-house. It means only choosing ingredients with excellent track records of safety and performance, and the most advanced and effective skincare technologies. It also means performing consumer and clinical studies and sensory perception testing, with peer-reviewed scientific literature as support.    

For Nutrition, science-backed means following international nutrition standards and the expert-led opinion of our Nutrition Council. It means always using the optimal dose of ingredients for proven health benefits and tailoring formulations to your nutritional needs. It also means the specialist guidance of an independent Scientific Advisory Board and using the Nordic Diet as our inspiration – itself recognised by the World Health Organisation.

We go above and beyond for your safety

We apply the EU Safety Standards for all Cosmetics globally – these are the strictest in the world and the gold standard for consumer safety. This means no matter where you live the same safety standards apply. And we don’t just do the minimum required of us – we go beyond that, restricting more than 50 ingredients that we feel may be a cause for concern.  
In Nutrition, we follow EU or local safety standards – whichever is stricter – to ensure the safety of nutritional products.