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Leave unsightly blackheads and blemishes in the dust, with an exciting 2-step face mask that uses hot and cold to melt away impurities, minimise pores, and give you a fresh and clean complexion!

Inspired by your favourite spa steam-treatment, this dual face mask is developed using Detect Technology with Salicylic Acid, and specially formulated with the purifying, exfoliating, and nourishing ingredients such as Kaolin Clay and the Noni superfruit to give your skin a cleansing boost. The two-step process plays with temperature and begins with a self-heating mask that warms your skin to stimulate blood circulation and open your pores, in order to soften and draw out dirt, oil and other impurities. The refreshing cooling mask absorbs any remaining impurities, tightens your pores, and cools your skin – leaving you with the clear complexion you know and love. Go ahead and put your best face forward!

Dermatologically tested.

First step: Steam mask
1. In order to get the best effect, begin by cleansing your skin, using your favourite Pure Skin Cleanser.
2. Massage a thick layer of the Steam Mask over your face using small, circular motions for 2 minutes. Be sure to avoid the sensitive eye area.
3. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes – during this time, you can take the opportunity to meditate, stretch a bit, or maybe focus on another part of your routine, such as painting your nails or brushing your hair. The choice is yours!
4. Rinse the mask off using warm water and feel how the product works to deep-clean your pores!
5.Gently pat skin dry using a clean towel.

Second step: Cool mask
1. Apply a thick layer of Cool Mask over your face, making sure to avoid the sensitive eye area.
2. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes – you can set a timer and take this time to relax and unwind. Try doing some yoga, making yourself a healthy snack, or putting your feet up for a moment.
3. Rinse off with cold water.
4. Gently pat dry.
5. Follow up with your favourite toner and moisturiser.

Follow this routine 1-3 times a week. Can be applied to the entire face or only to your T-Zone, depending on your needs.

Important! Avoid the eye area. Do not apply to damaged or broken skin. Tingling and heating sensations are normal and to be expected due to the nature of the products. If any discomfort is experienced and persists, please discontinue use of the products.
Noni Berry: This superfruit has healing and rejuvenating properties that help keep you and your skin healthy. In the heating mask, it helps to exfoliate dead skin and regulate sebum production. In the cooling mask, it helps to condition the skin, thanks to the berry’s natural sugars and vitamins.

Kaolin Clay:

This naturally occurring clay mineral has super absorbent and deep-cleansing properties while also being gentle on the skin, which makes it ideal for all skin types in getting rid of shine. In this Face Mask, Kaolin Clay is used to draw impurities from the pores and deep clean the skin.

Detect Technology with Salicylic Acid: Detect Technology maintains skin health by regulating sebum production and balancing the skin’s pH to limit blemish-causing bacteria. Salicylic Acid removes dead skin cells, which minimises pore clogging and prevents new blackheads.

All Ingredients
Pure Skin has a wide range of products to target spots and blackheads and help prevent breakouts. All Pure Skin products are anti-bacterial and have detect technology combined with salicylic acid to clear away dead skin cells, limit sebum production and prevent shine.

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