Kids Soft Toothbrush - Pink

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45,00 kr

Protect your child’s smile with this soft-bristled toothbrush especially designed for cleaning young teeth and delicate gums.
Bright pink colour
Suction cup for standing
Suitable for ages 2-6 years


Complete your child’s oral care routine with this soft bristled pink toothbrush, developed for gently cleaning young teeth and delicate gums. It features a smart suction cup at the base of the brush to stand it up. Suitable for children aged 2-6 years.

Step 1: Place the toothbrush beside the teeth at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Gently brush only a small group of teeth at a time.

Step 3: Brush all surfaces of the teeth, including the chewing surfaces.

Optifresh offers a complete oral care regime for your whole family. The Optifresh range of oral care products will help strengthen your teeth to prevent cavities whilst keeping your breath fresh and your smile beautiful.
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