Resistance Bands Set
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Want to boost your workout? Or add variety to your wellness routine?

Elastic fitness bands are versatile strength training tools that allow you to save space, time, and your budget. Which makes them essential exercise equipment for every at-home gym.

Our Resistance Bands Set come in 3 intensity levels (light, medium, heavy) to optimise your training – everything from abs to arms and legs. And can be used for varied workouts, challenging different muscles to help increase your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Plus, our 3-piece set comes with a travel pouch making it easy to take your fitness on the go. Whatever your fitness type, strength level, or mood – our resistance bands are flexible to suit your needs!

Use in a variety of ways to boost any workout! Exercise bands stretch to varied resistance levels and can be used to intensify upper and lower body training.

Whatever your fitness level, our Resistance Bands Set is great for strength training, improving flexibility, movement, or just to add fun to your at-home (and gym) workout.

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