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Body Gua Sha

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Stimulate energy flow and relaxation with a calming body massage. The Gua Sha has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and is known to promote smooth, energised and glowing skin.
Boosts circulation, helps to reduce puffiness and relieves muscle tension
Easy-to-use angled design with a handle
Perfect for a daily self-care moment


A daily dose of bodily good! Embrace daily rejuvenation with our ergonomic Gua Sha, tailored for your body's contours. Elevate your beauty ritual—helps to ease muscle tension, boost circulation, and awaken skin to a smooth, energised glow with each soothing glide.

Tilt the Gua Sha at a 30 to 45-degree angle. Hold onto skin and pull it in one sweeping motion over any part of your body where you need to relieve tension. Repeat 3-5 times per area.

One way to do it:
  1. Begin at your ankles and move upward to the knees.
  2. From knee to thigh, let the Gua Sha trace your body's natural lines, easing tension.
  3. Circle around your stomach, embracing calm with every curve.
  4. Follow your arms and upper body’s curves to stimulate energy flow.
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