Clinically proven to decrease excess oil and sebum

Clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of adult blemishes by 63% after 1 month

Reduces and targets spot size and redness within one day

How to take care of oily skin

Dr. Alain Mavon, Senior Director of Science & Innovation, explains.

What causes adult acne and oily skin?
– Today more and more adults get acne-prone skin. Reports suggest that 1/3 of people seeking treatment for acne are women over 25. Adult acne can be caused by a variety of different things such as humid weather, city pollution or fluctuating hormones. What you eat also matters. Sugar, for instance, is known to trigger inflammation, and saturated fats can be the chief culprit of cystic bumps along the jawline. And when several factors combine, your risk of getting oily, acne-prone skin gets even higher.

How can I prevent pimples if I have oily skin?
– Cleansing is key. Some people believe that oily skin with clogged pores requires harsh cleansing, but this is far from the truth. Harsh cleansing can provoke inflammation, post-acne marks and redness. So, cleanse the skin at least twice a day, softly and delicately. A gentle exfoliator will help remove skin cells, or use a cleansing device like the SkinPro Cleansing System.

Can you recommend a routine for oily skin?
– First of all, don’t use products that target teenage acne: they might be too harsh and over-drying. And if you’re looking for something age-appropriate, I’ve got some great news to share. We’ve just launched several NovAge products for oily and acne-prone skin.

Please, tell us more about them.
– First out is NovAge Oil Balance Solution — a great product to manage sebum production and minimise pores. We are very proud of this product, as it has shown spectacular results in clinical trials. Just apply it after cleansing and follow up with the rest of your routine.

Is there any product treating breakouts?
– Yes, and it’s called NovAge Advanced Breakout Emulsion. A gentle formulation proven to treat clogged pores, blemishes and acne scars. This product is great to use on blemish scars to soothe the skin and prevent new breakouts from appearing. Apply it after your serum as needed and enjoy clear, radiant skin!

Ingredient glossary:

Centella (CICA) , is a powerful medicinal herb native to Asia that reduces blemish scars and boosts regeneration.

Niacinamide – visibly reduces pores and counteracts breakouts in the long term.

Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract – a marine organism that works to reduce oil production, minimise pores, and reduce shininess.

Salicylic Acid has an exfoliating and blemish-controlling effect.

Tamanu Oil targets blemish-causing bacteria and helps to reduce redness .

Vita Hydration complex – a blend of hydrating ingredients to keep skin moisturised and balanced.