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How does Oriflame collect reviews?

We value genuine feedback from real customers, and we have implemented a transparent system to ensure the authenticity of the reviews on our website. Here's how we do it:

Review Verification Process

1) When a customer makes a purchase through our online store, we encourage them to leave a review once they've had the chance to try the product (post-purchase reviews). These reviews are exclusively from customers who have actually bought the product, ensuring their authenticity. We mark these reviews with the “Verified Purchaser” icon.


2) Visitors to our website can leave a review at any time on the product pages (organic reviews). To maintain quality, our partner, Bazaarvoice, verifies these reviews using their methodology to confirm they are submitted by real people and not bots. However, we cannot guarantee if these reviewers have actually purchased or used the product. As a result, organic reviews are not marked with the “Verified Purchaser” icon.

Before submitting an organic review, reviewers are asked if they received any incentives, such as free products or samples for feedback. If they answer “yes”, we indicate this with the “Incentivised Review” icon/badge


All reviews go through Bazaarvoice's authentication process. For more information, please visit: https://www.bazaarvoice.com/legal/authenticity-policy/.

Content Moderation

All customer reviews undergo independent moderation by our review partner, Bazaarvoice. They employ advanced fraud and spam detection technologies, along with manual analysis, to monitor the reviews.

We publish all relevant and appropriate reviews submitted by our customers. However, we may reject a review if it violates our moderation guidelines, such as containing inappropriate or abusive content. We never reject a review solely based on a low star rating or negative sentiment. Additionally, we do not edit or alter customer reviews, so the words you see are their own.

Overall Ratings

For each product, we provide an overall star rating, following these guidelines:

  • The overall rating is calculated based on principles of mathematical objectivity. The rating scale ranges from 1 to 5 stars.
  • The overall product rating represents the average of all approved ratings submitted by customers in your country or region, according to our reviews grouping rules. Each review will be accompanied by its country of origin, and you can use our built-in technology to translate it.
  • The overall rating for a product or service is accompanied by the total number of reviews received. It is continuously updated as new reviews are published.
  • If any ratings were incentivised, we disclose the proportion of incentivised ratings to all ratings, for example: “5 out of 37 ratings are incentivised.”