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Sustainable beauty you can believe in


Performing, safe, responsible ingredients  

Our heritage is in nature – we respect it and are inspired by it. In product development, this means using natural origin ingredients where possible but only if they are performing, safe, and responsibly sourced.  

Formulation naturalness 

We develop formulations with various levels of naturalness, with many products being 90% natural origin or more.  

Respecting biodiversity 

We respect biodiversity, aiming to use 100% paper and board packaging from FSC® certified or recycled materials.  

Transparent ingredient sourcing

We ensure transparency in ingredient sourcing, profiling each for origin, naturalness, and biodegradability, and only including those meeting our stringent standards. 

Commitment to responsible formulations 

Our ethos guides us to create biodegradable rinse-offs, Vegan certified options, and formulations rich in natural origin ingredients like the revamped Tender Care, now 99.9% natural origin. 

Sustainability in packaging 

We also drive sustainability across our packaging by increasing recycled content, using less material, designing for recyclability, and developing refill options. 

Consciously formulating, manufacturing, and delivering 

We source 100% renewable electricity for all our manufacturing sites and offices. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 76% (between 2010-2020). 

Proactive environmental stewardship

We actively manage contentious ingredients, opting to remove, limit, or address them if they pose environmental, ethical, or safety concerns, ensuring our formulations align with our values. 

Meaningful partnerships 

We partner with leading organisations with similar values to strive for positive change: FSC®, RSPO, RMI, FOS®, The Vegan Society, and EcoBeautyScore Consortium. 

Taking responsibility for our actions  

Oriflame has been named Climate Leader in Europe. We report on our environment-related risks and commitments annually including our Sustainability Report.