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Flower Makeup Sponge
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Apply base makeup beautifully with a multi-functional sponge designed to blend liquids flawlessly into your skin for a streak-free, airbrushed look.
Gives you an airbrushed finish with liquid foundations
Vibrant pink with a laser-cut flower design
Delivered in a beautiful, giftable box


Apply makeup beautifully with a multi-functional sponge adorned with a lasercut flower decoration. Designed to blend makeup flawlessly into your skin for a streak-free, airbrushed finish. Differently shaped sides make it super-versatile, its rounded side great for large areas while the pointed tip is perfect for precision work and the flat side blends makeup under your eyes. And its uses don't have to stop at makeup blending: why not try it for application of skin-boosting products or sunscreen?

Use dry or wet the sponge so it expands and squeeze out any excess water before adding makeup.

Apply liquid makeup onto sponge and blend into skin for an airbrushed finish.

Use the rounded sides for large areas of your face like cheeks and forehead. The edges of the flat side are for precision blending under your eyes and around the corners of your mouth, while the pointed tip reaches specific spots.

Bonus uses:

  • Use without product to reblend and touch up your morning makeup during the day, making it look as if new.
  • Keep an area of the sponge clean to blot away excess product.
  • For an extra skin boost, dampen the sponge with face mist or essence instead of water before makeup application.
  • Apply sunscreen on top of your makeup by bouncing the rounded side on your skin.
  • Try it with lipstick or lip tint for a less defined lip colour look.
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