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Nanocrystal Hair Remover
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No more razors, waxes or chemicals: The Nanocrystal Hair Remover gets rid of your body hair in just a few circular strokes.
Efficient, painless hair removal at home.
Reusable and no need for charging or batteries.
Saves you money spent on razors, creams and waxes.


Say goodbye to razors, painful waxing and chemical creams, and welcome a new era of at-home hair removal. Thanks to fine surface particles, the Nanocrystal Hair Remover gets rid of your body hair gently, efficiently and painlessly. Simply stroke the tool in circular motions over your legs, arms, back or chest to smooth all hair away.

Using gentle, circular motions, simply stroke the Nanocrystal Hair Remover over the area where you want to remove body hair.

Can be used on either dry or damp skin on your legs, arms, chest or back.

A key ingredient to great self-care is effective products and tools! Below you will find a versatile range of different self-care products to assist in your daily body care and beauty routine.
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