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Travel Container Kit
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Convenient travel kit for skin care products. Comes with spray bottle, bottle, two jars, a reusable towel, spatula & funnel all in a transparent pouch.
Easy to fill up with silicone funnel and spatula
Takes up less space than full-size products
Transparent pouch for airport security


Travel in style!

Continue your face care routine wherever you go with this luxurious travel kit for your favourite skin care products. The best results come from consistency, and this kit ensures you don’t miss a day!

  • A bottle for liquids and gels
  • A spray bottle for liquids
  • Two jars for serums and creams
  • Soft towel for easy make-up removal with only water
  • Transparent pouch that fits all containers, great for airport security.
  • Silicone funnel and spatula for easy filling of jars and bottles.

As a bonus, it takes up less space in your luggage than full-size products!

  • Before traveling, fill up bottles and jars with your favourite products.
  • Funnel aids in pouring liquid into bottles, spatula supports easy and hygienic transfer of creams to jars.
  • Place all items into transparent pouch.
  • Use the soft towel to remove make-up with water before using your skin care routine. Easy to clean with hot water and soap.
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