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Ice Facial Ball
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Ball shaped ice facial tool, fill with water and freeze. Allows you to easily hold the ice dome for a comfortable home facial. Ice Facial tools are known to tighten pores, brighten complexion, de-puff and tone skin. Can be used with other liquids like coconut milk, lemon and cucumber water and green tea.

Preparing the Ice Facial Ball:

  1. Ensure the Ice Facial Ball is securely sealed and fill carefully through the hole in the top with water or your chosen solution
  2. It is recommended not to fill the Ice Facial Ball fully as liquid will expand when it freezes.
  3. Place level on a tray in the freezer.
  4. Allow to freeze.

Using the Ice Facial Ball:

Allow facial ball to stand and thaw for 5 minutes or pass under water for slight defrost before use. Remove top portion of the Ice Facial Ball to expose the frozen liquid and apply to cleansed face in continuous upward circular motions for 30 second intervals for up to 1-2 minutes on each side of your face. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and do not use more than once a day. If you use different ingredients for your ice facial, rinse with cold water after use and follow with your usual moisturising routine.


Unsuitable for use with food or beverage.

Avoid prolonged use and contact with dry, sensitive, and delicate areas of skin such as around the eyes.

Do not apply unthawed frozen ball to moist, delicate skin. Check temp by testing on wrist first.

Stop use immediately if skin irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

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