7 Rules of Italian Beauty

They are elegant, sociable and have impeccable sense of style – the Italians. How do they do that? These 7 rules will bring you closer to the Italian art of beautiful living.

1: Sun kissed skin
Italians are synonymous with beautiful skin and many of us dream to have their sun kissed tone. Want that effect? Start with an ultra-fine liquid foundation for immaculate coverage. Then swipe a bronzer on the cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead for a warmer look. Psst… Italians do it too! And by the way, did you know that Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls are hand-made in Italy?

2: Expressive lips
Italians love to talk… a lot. Especially over a plate of delicious pasta or espresso cup. So the lipstick has to be intense and stay put. It should also protect lips with SPF. Colour is an individual thing. Keeping it matte is what’s trendy now!

3: Gold highlights
Tan loves gold! Gold colour makes skin appear even more bronze and warms up your look. It can be a watch, jewellery, bag or even… perfumes! Giordani Gold Essenza with intoxicating orange note in its heart will warm up your senses and make you feel truly luxurious. Its cap is made of real gold leaf. No wonder that the fragrance sells over 1000 bottles every 24 hours!

4: Classic eyes
In the streets of Rome or Milan you can barely see an Italian woman without sunglasses. But even if they wear trendy oversize it doesn’t mean that they let go of eye makeup! They usually keep it classic though, using mascara and eyeliner. As they are also romantic souls and often get emotional, they never forget to apply eye cream in the evening to avoid unwanted puffiness and dark circles. Good practice to follow!

5: Messy hair
Italians are quite chaotic and their hair seems to really show it. Yet somehow their messy hairstyles appear extremely chic! Comb your hair through with your fingers and style loosely or pin it up without looking in the mirror – trust us, you’ll get the look!

6: Bella Figura
Don’t get misled! Bella Figura has nothing to do with a perfect body, it is all about Italian attitude that makes Italian women appear so confident and beautiful. It means to exude elegance without arrogance, to be attractive but not vain, to have impeccable manners but remain warm and approachable. These subtle adjustments in your attitude will help define your Italian style.

7: La dolce vita
How to live beautifully? Italian women seem to have mastered this art perfectly. The secret is to appreciate details, to celebrate every meal with friends or family and do more of what makes you happy. Sophia Loren said “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes” - so don’t fake it with makeup, just live a beautiful life!

Skrevet af: Fotografier af: Oriflame Brand Images