4 ways to prep your skin for spring!

Spring is all about in with the new and out with the old – and this applies to your skin as well! Winter can have quite a dramatic effect on your skins condition and leave it feeling dry and dull, which is why it is vital to update your routine. Here are four simple steps on how to make your skin spring-ready in no time!




Why do I need it?

Exfoliation does not only help you shed old dead skin cells, but it also helps to boost your circulation and stimulate the production of new skin. Over time, our pores tend to clog up with pollution, oils, makeup and dead skin cells which can often result in breakouts, dull complexion and blackheads. This is why we need to exfoliate – to keep our skin fresh and clean!

Whilst winter might be all about the deeper and heavier chemical exfoliants, spring is the perfect time to find a lighter exfoliator. No matter the exfoliator, always remember to use SPF as your skin becomes more sensitive if you use a stronger chemical exfoliator and also if you exfoliate often. As spring is almost here, we would recommend more topical scrubs to kick things off lightly.

Which scrub is right for me?

For Dry Skin - Love Nature Aloe Coco Mask Scrub
For Deep Impurities - Pure Skin Charcoal Peel-off Mask
For Clogged Pores - Love Nature Tea Tree Lime MaskScrub
For Dry/Dull Skin - Optimals Exfoliating Face Scrub
For Oily Skin - Pure Skin 2-in-1 Face Wash & Scrub


Why do I need it?

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin care concerns. It is that extra “boost” your skin might need from time to time, and can help double up on hydration, removal of excess oils, clean pores etc. Masking helps all of your other skincare products work more effectively; if you want your day lotions, serums and nighttime products to work quicker and deeper, then a face mask is a must! If you make sure to mask on a regular basis, it can help you achieve the results you’re looking for at a much faster pace. Plus; few things feel as good as pampering yourself, like cuddling up with a hot cup of tea, a hydrating face mask and a new show on Netflix!

Which mask is right for me?

Firming and hydrating - Royal Velvet Luxurious Firming Mask
Glow-giving and revitalizing - NovAge Revitalising Mask
Texture-improving and protecting - NovAge Smoothening Face Mask
Improve elasticity and resilience - NovAge Strengthening Face Mask
Skin-boosting and restorative - NovAge Replenishing Face Mask
Moisture quenching -Optimals Moisture Face Mask


Why do I need it?

Each season requires its own moisturiser! As the temperature gets warmer, it’s time to swap out thick creams for lightweight hydrators. These usually absorb quicker and makes it possible to layer your skincare regimen in a lighter way. Also, your skin might need other vitamins/antioxidants in the summer than during the winter, so make sure to listen to check just what kind of hydration your skin needs. Extra tips; Never skip out on moisture, but adjust it to the climate you’re in. Plus, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated!

Which moisturiser is right for me?

For refined pores and oil-control - Optimals Hydra Radiance Day Cream
For an organic hydrating formula - Love Nature Aloe Coco Face Cream
For a firming and strengthening effect - Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream
For radiance and protection - NovAge True Perfection Day Cream
For moisture that lasts all day - Milk & Honey Gold Day Cream
For him - NFM Sensitive Soothing Cream


Why do I need it?

SPF is a must all year round, but as the new season really brings out the sun it leaves us at even more risk of sun damage. As the days tend to get longer, it becomes even more essential that you adapt the habit of protecting your skin from harmful rays. A lot of moisturisers and foundation come with SPF, but sometimes these might not be enough. Aim for using at least SPF 30 and apply an extra layer before putting on a primer/foundation/BB Cream.

Which SPF is right for me?

Lightweight protection - Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20
Extra protection from oxidative stress - Optimals UV Day Shield spf 30
For high and anti-ageing protection - NovAge Day Shield SPF50 UVA/PA++++
For hands - NovAge Intensive Age Defence Hand Cream SPF 25

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