Gel Cleanser Vs. Milk Cleanser

All cleansers generally have the same basic function, which is to clean dirt, debris, oil, bacteria and makeup from skin. They do come in different forms though, do you know the difference in how to use a gel versus a milk cleanser?

Gel cleansers are generally thought to be good for eliminating surface oil and acne-causing bacteria as well as giving the skin a deeper clean. This cleanser will work to clear away impurities and prevent future breakouts. Gel cleansers are activated by water, so start by dampening the product in your hands with some water. Then proceed to foam up your gel cleanser using gentle circular massaging motions onto your face for a thorough clean. Rinse off with warm water.

Milk Cleansers tend to be very gentle, moisturizing, and non-sudsy. What many of us don’t know is that they don’t even require water. Milk cleansers are best applied with a cotton bud and then wiped away. Start from the jawline and smooth the product up and out, being careful not to apply too much pressure or drag the skin. Applying the cleanser in a downward motion pulls and stretches the skin in the wrong direction, which can contribute to wrinkles and sagginess. Cream cleansers are excellent choices for sensitive skin and those with rosacea. They’re also a good option for really dry skin and mature skin.

Skrevet af: Fotografier af: John Buddee / Crosby