This make-up artist approved matte look is perfect for the holidays

We love a good glow, but something about a matte make-up look - a nude lip, neutral smoky eye and velvety-looking skin - just feels right in the winter!

Not only does a matte look work for any holiday occasion, it can also help keep oily skin looking shine-free all day long — no matter what the day or night brings. To help us break down how to get the ultimate matte make-up look, we turned to London-based make-up artist duo Pamela & Andrea.


First things first, what is matte make-up?
Matte make-up has long been lauded for its shine-free finish. Since products with a matte finish don’t reflect light, it’s a good option for people with naturally oily skin. “Matte make-up is a type of finish that has no shine or shimmer of any kind,” explain make-up artists Pamela & Andrea. “Often people with oily skin tend to have large visible pores they want minimise and reduce the shine on their faces. With the correct application, matte make-up products can really help to reduce both of these things.”

Additionally, a matte look will stay in place if you’re headed for an all-day or all-night celebration. “Matte make-up products are generally longer lasting and more buildable, so they are great for a night out or a wedding day when you need your make-up to stay put for a long duration,” say Pamela & Andrea. We definitely just saved this page for a wedding season reminder!


Step 1: Matte foundation 101
Base matters! After all, a matte make-up look wouldn’t be anything without a flawless canvas. Matte foundations are a good choice for winter months when cold temperatures and low humidity levels can make skin feel tender and flaky and in need of a bit more coverage.

“Any skin type can wear a matte foundation if it's applied correctly but it is best suited to people with normal to oily skin. Matte foundations have oil absorbing properties and are usually oil free. They also tend to be more buildable than other foundations, so getting a nice even full coverage out of a matte foundation is much easier.” We suggest THE ONE Everlasting Sync Soft Matte Foundation SPF 10 & UVA Protection. For extra matte wear plus shine control - and to set your look in place - finish with THE ONE Everlasting Pressed Powder!

Of course, make-up isn’t a replacement for good skin care - if you need to add some moisture to your skin care routine see our article on how to care for dry skin!


Step 2: Go Neutral With Matte Eyshadow
“Our personal favourite matte eyeshadow shades are ones that you would naturally find on your face so neutrals in beige, grey, brown and orange,” say Pamela & Andrea. We suggest THE ONE Make-Up Pro Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in Roasted Coffee Matte or Base Nude Matte for some neutral shading.

“Finely milled matte eyeshadows (meaning they blend easily and won't crease) give the best finish on the skin, as they have a creamy like texture and look very flattering without the shadow attaching to any dry bits,” say the make-up artist duo.

A subtle lid colour is best complimented with a contrasting frame, so time to lavish up your lashes and go for volume and length. Curl your lashes for a solid ten seconds, then apply a waterproof formula like THE ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara Waterproof for a dramatic look that lasts all day.


Step 3: Get A Smudge-Proof Pout With Matte Lipstick
Put the M in matte and finish your look!

“Matte lipstick is the best option if you want a statement, smudge-proof long lasting lip colour. They come in various formulas like cream or liquid and are also buildable, so you can go as bold as you want with your chosen shade,” say Pamela & Andrea.

Our THE ONE Colour Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick is not only matte so stays in place all day with Ultra Fix Technology, but is also ultra-pigmented and lightweight.

Matte lipsticks will last longer and look more even and smooth on well hydrated lips, so if your lips are on the drier side apply a lip primer first. “To prime your lips for a matte lipstick use an exfoliating lip scrub to get rid of any dry bits of skin,” say Pamela & Andrea.

Step 4: Set Your Matte Make-up Look
“To finish off and really keep your make-up lasting all day with a matte finish, use a setting spray and then press some translucent powder on to the areas you want to mattify and blend in,” suggest Pamela & Andrea.

We recommend setting your entire matte make-up look in place with THE ONE Make-Up Pro Face Mist! Now go get ‘em!

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