How to choose perfume for a man

You want to surprise your man with a new scent, but find it hard to choose a perfume for him. How will you know if it suits him? We’re here to help!

It’s a daunting task to choose perfume for a man! So we’ve created the perfect guide to help, based on his personality and style type, just in time for the holidays! With insight from fine fragrance expert Mehdi Lisi, VP of Fine Fragrance Creation, Development & Innovation at fine fragrance company Firmenich, you won’t make a wrong choice after reading!

"We all have our unique relationship to scents,” reveals Mehdi. ”Looking at why a man wears fragrance might give us a clue as to what a man will like.” Keep reading to find out how to choose the right perfume for him based on his personality and style!


His Style: Classic
His fragrance families: Aromatic and Citrus

Who he is: He’s a traditional and confident man who loves the classics. Perfume helps him feel empowered and fresh, both at work and in his spare time. So go for an aromatic and refreshing scent with a truly masculine feel.

"The Aromatic fragrance family is the pillar of masculine perfumery, combining clean, tonic, and energising notes, which are the heritage of masculine grooming products,” says Mehdi. “Lavender in particular is a key component to the iconic ‘Fougere’ accord – a blend of herbal notes and tonka. It is known for its clean impression and its sense of comfort.” How to choose a perfume for a man? Stick with the classics, of course!

Fragrances for him: Giordani Gold Mister Giordani EDT with its radiant and fresh vetiver top note followed by grapefruit and geranium or Glacier EDT with its notes of citrus fruit and a touch of mint, followed with pineapple and floral heart notes.

His Style: Bold
His fragrance families: Woody and Aromatic

Who he is:He’s a fashionable trendsetter who loves to stand out in a crowd. No wonder he wants a unique, vibrant perfume that leaves a lasting impression. So how do you choose a perfume for Mr. Trailblazer? Choose an edgy fragrance with woody notes and fruit or grass for an unforgettable scent. “Many men want their fragrance to make them stand out! These men are open to many kinds of fragrances, but they always look for high-quality, signature fragrances with character. Ambery, woody notes always get the attention of those around you,” says Mehdi.

Fragrances for him: Possess the Secret EDP for Men with fizzy bergamot, and subtle notes of sage or Eclat Style Parfum with Cardamom and leathery notes.


His Style: Sensual

His fragrance families: Oriental and Woody

Who he is: He’s a charismatic, creative man with sophisticated taste. Wearing perfume is a way for him to indulge the senses and feel more attractive. His ideal perfumes are exotic, aromatic and mysterious, so oriental and woody scents suit him.

“Some men like to use fragrance to boost their confidence and impress others, especially romantic Interests! These men tend to appreciate something aromatic facetted with clean effects, with a smooth woody dry-down that gives a warming impression,” says Mehdi. “Oriental scents are also perfect for winter!”

Fragrances for him: Lost in You For Him with its gingery, spicy top and addictive tonka notes or Ascendant EDT with its spicy, aromatic cardamom warmed with the alluring notes of soft vanilla.

His Style: Casual but elegant
His fragrance families: Citrus and Woody

Who he is: He’s a laid-back, relaxed man with an appetite for adventure. So, he wears perfume to feel good and get a dose of stimulating energy every day. Look for light perfumes with a natural touch and clean scent.

“He wants to feel reassured by his fragrance and looks for something that will make him feel accepted. He will often search for something elegant, comfortable and masculine, often woody with fresh inflections,” says Mehdi.

Fragrances for him: Eclat Homme EDT with signature notes of cedrat and Barenia leather.