Pack Beauty Smart

Editing your wardrobe for a holiday is one thing, but streamlining your beauty routine is quite another. To help you prepare for that much-needed trip, here’s what to pack for the plane, the pool and the hotel.

If you’re a beauty-loving traveller, then the idea of decanting all your products into 100 ml containers will fill you with dread. One word: Preparation. You’ll need a few select products for the journey and the rest can go in the hold.

Head to the airport makeup free and well moisturised. Air travel is a stress on your skin, so be sure to stow a hydrating day cream, hand lotion and lip balm in your hand luggage.

Freshen up during the flight with cleansing wipes – you’ll feel much better once you remove that “travelling layer” off your hands and face! 

Don’t let the red-eye give you, well, red eyes. Instead fake a wide-awake appearance with an eye cream that plumps and reduces puffiness.

Post-flight hair is never pretty, so have a hairbrush and dry shampoo on-hand for arrival.


You’ll need sunscreen from dawn until dusk so pack a sufficient supply. Most sun tan lotions are suitable for your body and face, but a niche product will give sensitive areas that extra bit of TLC. 

For sunny days pick a bold lipstick with SPF – protecting your pout is as important as protecting the rest of you! 

And don’t forget your hair! Avoid dry and damaged locks with a spritz of heat protecting spray.


Once on holiday, replace heavy makeup with lightweight BB and CC creams – hot weather means pairing back your makeup routine. If you’ve got a waterproof mascara and bright lipstick, you’re good to go!

In the shower use a vitamin-enriched scrub that exfoliates and smoothes. Then, avoid patchiness by applying a generous layer of after-sun.

Slather on a face cream with high SPF for the day, the switch to an antioxidant rich night cream that will restore and reinvigorate skin while you sleep. 

Omega-3 contributes to healthy looking skin so be sure to pack a daily dose for your trip.

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