4 effective products with Salicylic Acid you need to keep blemishes at bay

Spots are always unwelcome, but for some reason they always seem to pop up when you least want them, like on your first day of school or when you have a party or a presentation coming up. Luckily, we’ve got some products that act fast on blemishes and prevent them from developing in the first place!


Spot gel
A spot gel should always be your first go-to when you feel a spot coming on. Our Pure Skin SOS Blemish Gel works quickly to stop blemishes from getting worse and reduce spot size and redness within 8 hours, thanks to Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is very effective at reducing blemishes, read more about this awesome ingredient here. Keep the spot gel in your handbag and apply throughout the day as needed.

Face Scrub
A great face scrub can actually help prevent blemishes from forming, but they also help improve the annoying ones you’ve got right now. Exfoliating your skin helps you unblock clogged pores and fight blackheads, dirt and oil that cause bumpy skin or blemishes to develop. If your spot gel didn’t do the trick, try gently scrubbing your face with Pure Skin Smoothing Face Scrub. This scrub contains all your skin needs to get it looking smooth and soft again, and it’s even got a Soothing Complex that helps calm your skin, along with Salicylic Acid.


Clay Mask
What we love about clay is that it’s been used to care for the skin for centuries, it’s tried and tested so to say! We think that’s a good indicator of how well it actually works. Pure Skin 5-minute Oil-control Clay Mask with Salicylic Acid absorbs excess oil and targets and prevents blemishes.


Peel-off mask
A peel-off mask is great to have in your blemish-fighting arsenal. Not only are they fun to peel off, but they actually work really well. Our Pure Skin Pore Clearing Peel-off Mask with Salicylic Acid unblocks clogged pores and purifies the skin for smooth skin with fewer imperfections. Apply it (avoiding the eye area, hair line, eyebrows and lips) and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. When you peel it off, the gunk in your pores come off with it!

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