Get Your Sweat Proof Summer Make-Up Look

The hot days of summer are upon us, and as we enjoy the long balmy evenings, we can adapt our make-up looks for the inevitable moments where we get caught in the heat -and our make-up takes the hit. Fortunately, we have various products designed specially to sweat-proof your look.

Don’t forget to always prime your base layer with a high SPF Day Cream - all the more important for a summer make-up routine.

Eyes – Sweat Proof your Eye make-up with these specially designed products
THE ONE High Impact Eye Pencil comes in 8 exciting shades, and is both smudge-proof and waterproof so you can experiment with new eyeliner looks, knowing that the product will stay in place. Try combining a couple of new shades for a fresh summery feel.

Lips: Subtle or Bold, find a sweat-proof lipstick that stays in place
If you’re after more intense lip colour, THE ONE Ultra Fix has the best staying power for hot summer days. With breakthrough Ultra Fix Technology clinically proven to 99% fix colour onto lips, it delivers a luscious lightweight, ultra pigmented bold matte lip. This lipstick is water resistant, too, so will stay in place even as you sip a cool, refreshing drink! Choose a bright candy shade to really get into the summer vibe.

Discover a foundation designed to resist sweat, heat and humidity
THE ONE Everlasting Sync Foundation is not only proven to last up to 30 hours (yes, you read that right!) but it’s also sweat and humidity resistant. It’s perfect for hot days as it adapts your skin to the moisture level in the air around you, retaining moisture in dry environments, and absorbing moisture in humid environments. Choose from original or matte finishes.

If you are looking for a sheer finish that still keeps your skin hydrated, THE ONE A-Z Cream packs an incredible 10 benefits into one sheer base.

Save your powder blush for Autumn days and opt for a creamy face styler stick instead. Choose from highlighter or blush shades to complete your look with this easy-to-blend, buildable colour that can also sub on eyes and lips if you want to slim down your on-the-go make-up bag.

So enjoy hotter days and balmy nights, knowing that you have the right make-up for whatever look you choose. Melt and fade can be a thing of the past.