Christmas Gift Guide

Running out of Christmas gift ideas? We’ll help you get the perfect oohs and aahs at present opening time.

For Mum
If someone deserves pampering, it’s Mum. Mum is always there to take care of us, no matter what! Show her how much you love and appreciate her with a Christmas gift from Swedish Spa. Swedish Spa soothes the senses with products like luscious whipped body butter, a smoothing scrub and oil that transform to milky foam. We are in love with the scent, she won’t be able to stop sniffing them! And it’s actually scientifically proven to help soothe your mind and deeply relax you from the inside out. You’re welcome Mum!


For sister
Glam nails are always in style. Treat your sister to a Professional Manicure Kit that helps her get a salon-worthy manicure at home this Christmas. It’s easier than it sounds! With this multi-purpose product she can push cuticles, trim, shape, smooth, buff and polish her nails and play around with different styles on her own, without paying to get them done over and over.


For boyfriend
Many men don’t treat themselves to professional skin care products, but just stick to a cleanser and moisturiser they bought at the grocery store. We think it’s because they just don’t realise how great a professional skin care routine will make their skin look and feel! Surprise your man with a luxurious NovAge Men Set that will make him fall in love with skin care and take care of himself like he deserves.

For Dad
Why is it so hard to buy gifts for Dad? Either he’s got everything he wants already, or he has a Porsche on his wish list, and that’s just not happening. Why not go for something useful he didn’t know he needed like a beard grooming kit! A nice-looking beard demands the right tools! That way he’ll look stylish when he drives around in his Porsche (that he bought for himself) one day.


For girlfriend
There is something about getting a perfume as a gift that just feels so special. It’s not something you buy on a whim or for just anyone. While you may think picking a scent for your girl is difficult, you can’t go wrong with a sensual, romantic perfume like Moments Eau de Parfum. Not only does it smell great, it also has a beautiful rose bottle that looks great on her nightstand.

For brother
While getting clothes for a brother is fun, pinning down his style can be tricky! You want to get him something that he will actually use. So, if you’ve given up on finding him the perfect sweater, body products are a safe bet. We think he’ll love our North for Men Subzero Hair & Body Wash and Subzero Deodorant Roll-On.


For kids
While kids may be too young to care about skin care, knowing what to do for dry, itchy skin is something you can learn young! Baby O Multi-Purpose Balm can be a cosy and soothing moment for you and your little one to connect and relax together.

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