How to host a zoom makeup party

As self-confessed beauty lovers, the latest craze among makeup artists is a club we want to be a part of: Zoom makeup parties! It’s the makeup equivalent of virtual happy hour, where your video catch-ups get creative by trying out different makeup looks.

Born out of lockdown isolation, this online beauty hangout is destined to continue connecting people around the world over a shared love of beauty. Want to join the club? We show you how to host an epic party, the makeup way.

Iconic beauty look, or viral TikTok makeup trend?
The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a theme for your makeup party, so let your imagination run wild. Whether you experiment with the latest makeup trends going viral on TikTok (hello sunburn blush and clean-girl makeup!) or choose an iconic celeb beauty look (Marilyn Monroe old Hollywood glam, anyone?), the only rule is to mix it up and step out of your comfort zone.

Party tip: We suggest taking turns to pick different looks for each party – and bring a mood board of reference photos to get the party started. Don’t limit yourself to only makeup looks either – these zoom parties work just as well trialling new hair styles. 

Must-have makeup for your zoom party kit
There’s no denying we spend a lot of time online. We live in a fast-paced dual-reality now, switching from online meetings to IRL constantly. And yet, our makeup wasn’t necessarily designed to perform that way. That’s because webcams dull colour – yes, there’s a reason why your mascara always looks grey or faded on-screen!

Party tip: Have a zoom-ready kit of dual-reality makeup that works well on camera. We especially love the new Wonder Lash mascara Blue and Wonder Lash Ultra mascara Black – formulated with a Digital Pigment Blend, it’s clinically tested to give you blacker lashes on-screen. Plus, a colourful palette of makeup (from classic red lipstick, to bright pops of trending eye shades) will come in useful – maybe those unused standout shades in your makeup palettes will finally get to play!


Calling all beauty fans! It’s time to play
First things first, zoom makeup parties are all about having fun and exploring makeup in a safe space. So, get a group together who are open to experimenting with different makeup looks. It could be grabbing your besties, or even better – send out an invite on Instagram or Facebook to meet new friends who have an interest in makeup from around the world.

Party tip: Step out of your comfort zone! Play with makeup trends and unexpected colours that you couldn’t imagine wearing in real life – you may end up finding a new favourite go-to look, or learn a new technique. 

Tell me you like makeup without telling me you like makeup
Once everyone’s in their final look, take a screenshot of the virtual hangout and share it with your followers on social – and inspire others to join the zoom beauty club!

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