How to Transform Your Mood with Power of Scent

As the topic of emotional goodness and wellbeing continues to grow, no one has really explored the feel-good power of fragrance – until now. Here are four “super-scents” found to amplify our mood.

1. Feel wide awake with yuzu and mint leaves.
Coming from Japan, Yuzus are the trendy new food ingredient bringing their unique spicy and fruity smells to the world’s best restaurant tables. When combined with the classic must-have fresh scent of Mint Leaves you have a fragrance that bursts with invigoration, and is sure to set your day off with a bang.

2. Smile – with blood orange and turmeric.
As simple as it sounds, anything that reminds us of sunshine makes us feel happier. So let the juicy scent of sun-soaked Blood Oranges fill your day with warmth. Especially when blended with scents of the healthy and increasingly popular Turmeric – for a dash of happy golden glow.

3. Raise the romance with plum and black pepper.
Softness and sensuality are key when it comes to getting in the mood for love. And the latest ingredient trend for that in fragrance is Plum, with its velvety floral scent. Add a little spice to that with Black Pepper, known for its aphrodisiac properties, and love is in the air!

4. Unwind and chill out with lavendar and cedarwood.
Using the soft and sensual scent of Lavender to set a relaxing atmosphere is nothing new. But combining it with the sweet and earthy scents of Cedarwood makes for a rich new blend – the perfect calming partnership for the end of a busy day.

5. Experience the feel-good effects yourself!
If you’re ready for your dose of emotional goodness, then you’ll be happy to hear each of these powerful combinations of scents have been captured and bottled in a sensational new range of shower gels, mousses and fragrances. You can find out more about the Feel Good range here. Just choose your mood, and enjoy the ride!

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