Editor’s Picks: The Best Fragrances For Him

Fragrance holds a great power to really reflect who you are, but navigating in the jungle of scent can be tricky. We’ve got you covered; read on to explore our editor’s favourite fragrances for him and find your perfect match!

Fragrances are experienced in three parts: The top is the first impression; the heart appears after some minutes and the base is what lingers. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to how we perceive each other, and being able to influence the emotional impact a certain scent can have is a big part of wearing a specific fragrance. (Link to how scents can change our moods)


Venture Beyond for the man who dares to go beyond the limits. It represents control, energy and freshness. If he is explorative, and loves to challenge himself both mentally and physically, this is the fragrance for him! The fizzy fruity top notes of mandarin will charge his daring spirit while the smooth solid accord of Iron Oak will galvanize his masculinity. Venture will give him that perfect boost of confidence – and leave a trail of excitement for those around!

Representing individuality, freedom and elegance, Mister Giordani is for the man who is free-spirited and lives in the moment. With an unexpected combination of grapefruit and ginger, Mister Giordani holds a strong and sensual signature that is enhanced by green geranium and pepper. The additional quality of vetiver top evokes the spontaneity of youthful charm and elegance that draws others to him. Is his signature uniqueness, magnetism and an irresistible smile? Then this is the fragrance for him!

This fragrance is not for the faint-hearted; Inspired by the Norse god Thor, Possess exudes godly-like power and strength. Just like Thor, this Eau De Parfum is definitely for the striking kind. Top notes of bergamot and invigorating Ice accord radiates masculinity, whilst the heart notes reveal an addictive salty touch with subtle notes of sage. The base notes of vibrant woods, oak woods and pamplewood really puts the cherry on top and creates an unforgettable scent. If he is all about making an epic statement and fearless impression, this fragrance will definitely make his confident personality shine through!

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