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4 cool girl haircuts you’ll definitely want to try this spring
Udgivet: 16-01-2024
While there’s no “right” time for a style refresh, spring calls for a “chop-chop” on those weather-beaten locks! Embrace the unexpected and make a deliberate statement with your haircut this season. From the butterfly bob to 70s Birkin bangs, discover which cool girl haircuts will breathe new life into your look for Spring 2024 and beyond.
Butterfly bob
If you chopped your hair à la Hailey Bieber last autumn, you’re likely busy growing it out this spring. Enter the butterfly bob, a soft, contoured style with layers reminiscent of a butterfly's wings. This shorter iteration grazes anywhere between the chin and collarbone, highlighting a seamless transition between lengths for better movement and versatility. To achieve a flowing silhouette, try the StylerPRO Round Thermal Brush to help create those wispy layers.
Inspiration: Zendaya
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Birkin bangs
Do you love a curtain fringe but crave something a bit more daring? Meet the Birkin bangs! Paying homage to the indelible icon Jane Birkin, this elevated style involves a strategic cut to create a flirtatious frame for your face. When discussing Birkin bangs with your hairstylist, emphasise the importance of maintaining a balance between sophistication and a hint of rebellion. Keep your fringe fresh and bold with the Duologi Oil Control Dry Shampoo.
Inspiration: Dakota Johnson
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Polished shag
This haircut is a sophisticated spin on the shaggy bob that dominated 2023. With well-defined layers and a sleek finish, the polished shag strikes the perfect balance between edgy and elegant. A nod to the carefree spirit of the classic shag while maintaining a polished, modern aesthetic, this haircut is the bougie sister you never knew the shag needed. We recommend Duologi Sealing Hair Serum to tame any flyaways and frizz.
Inspiration: Jenna Ortega
Textured pixie
The classic pixie cut gets a flirty update in 2024. For those who dare to go short and sassy, the textured pixie is a playful and low maintenance cut requiring careful consideration of your hair density and face shape. With a short fringe softly crossing the forehead, it’s perfect for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, allowing it to shine with minimal styling. Maintain the textured feel with Duologi CC Hair Beautifier Leave-in Spray for an effortlessly chic look.
Inspiration: Taylor Hill
StylerPRO Round Thermal Brush
StylerPRO Round Thermal Brush
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