1. A Member’s account will remain active in Oriflame’s systems for 3 calendar years from registration/downgrade (as applicable) or last order, whichever is later.

2. A Member after 6 months of inactivity or no order ever, may re-register with same name, email and mobile to re-register, under a new Sponsor retaining account-related data such as an account number and order history.

In which case, the old account (which is still active as described in clause 1 above) will be terminated and any downline network will be kept in the original line of sponsorship.

3. A Member become a Brand Partner at any time by paying the administration fees specified on Oriflame website.

4. Upon a request to become a Brand Partner the administration fees will get added to the shopping basket, and the upgrade will only be effective once the administration fee is paid in full. Any benefits associated with the Brand Partner Agreement are available as of the same order.



1. An annual administration fee is charged for the amount specified on Oriflame’s website (at the time of registration and its anniversary). These charges will be billed on the first purchase invoice.

2. A Brand Partner’s membership will expire automatically: (i) on the anniversary of the registration unless renewed according to the Brand Partner Terms and Conditions; or (ii) if a Brand Partner has not placed an order in 12 consecutive months.

3. In case a Brand Partner does not renew the membership his/her Brand Partner Agreement will be terminated automatically but he/she will remain registered with Oriflame as a Member under the Terms and Conditions for Online Customers and Members and the Privacy Policy for Online Customers and Members which will allow him/her to continue buying Oriflame Products. Further, his/her downline network will remain in the original line of sponsorship.