How to care for your natural curls like a pro

Rocking curls? Then you know they can be hard to tame at times. They demand a lot of attention to be kept happy, healthy, and hydrated. So, if you’re looking for some tips and tricks to keep your curls looking gorgeous at all times – keep reading!

Treat your scalp to a massage
Wash day coming up? You should definitely invest in a scalp massager since it offers many benefits for your curly hair. It will boost blood flow, gently exfoliate, release stress, remove debris and excess sebum. However, it it’s important to not press too hard when you use it because it can irritate your skin. Instead apply light pressure as you work the brush in large circles around your head.

Wet hairstyling is a thing
Styling your curls while your hair is wet is a must if you want them to look bouncy and natural. Start with a volumizing mousse that adds moisture and definition to your curls; follow with a curl enhancer. Apply the products from roots to ends and use your fingers to comb through the hair. Once all that is done, it’s time to use the cup, squeeze, and scrunch method! It’s a super simple technique where you just select a small section of your hair, from the underneath up, and carefully cup, squeeze, and scrunch. Easy-peasy, right?


Let your hair air-dry
To make sure your curls stay frizz-free, you need to let them air-dry. But before you do that you should wrap your hair up in a microfiber towel for 10-15 minutes. The fabric of the towel works wonders to eliminate frizz and absorbs some of the water so that your hair dries quicker. When the towel is out, just let your hair dry as is.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Curls need moisture – and a lot of it! So, stock up on rich conditioners, hair masks and oils. How often you need to moisturise your curls depend on the hair’s texture and how you wear it. Tighter curls might need to rehydrate daily (that doesn’t mean to over-wash with shampoo, just add an oil instead), while looser once’s need it every other day or a couple of times a week.

Don’t forget about the comb
While your fingers are a good tool to use when it comes to solving out your curls, a comb is a must-have. But you know what would be even better than a regular comb? A comb with two sides of course! Luckily, we have just that. The wide-tooth side helps to gently detangle hair and evenly distribute styling products, while the other side helps to style and smoothen. It’s the perfect design for curly hair!