5 Great Reasons to Exercise Outdoors!

Whether you already exercise regularly or not, the great outdoors has a lot to offer for our health and wellbeing. Want to know why? Slap on some sunscreen and let’s go!

1. The perfect start
If you don’t exercise and want to get started, joining a gym can feel scary. You might feel self-conscious of your body or lack of fitness and stamina, or of being the newbie in a group class. By starting exercising outdoors, you can take things at your pace, where you want, when you want. 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise – like brisk walking – Is all it takes!

2. It’s enjoyable
Gyms can be very boring. Rows of equipment, the same light, temperature & view every day. You can dedicate a lot of focus on how heavy, how far, how long – and how tired you feel. When you’re outdoors – whether in an urban or green landscape – you’re exposed to a constantly changing environment, which will make your workout far more enjoyable.

3. It can lift your mood
Natural light is so important for health and wellbeing! As well as providing the Vitamin D essential for strong bones and many other health benefits, exposure to sunlight is also associated with the trigger of serotonin – the body’s happy hormone. Serotonin is linked to positive mood, and is the precursor to melatonin, necessary for good sleep.

4. You can be creative
Running outdoors is obvious, but what about strength training? Exercising outdoors creates the opportunity to get creative with training! Stairs, benches, railings, picnic tables, low walls can all become resistance equipment with a bit of imagination. If you’re not familiar with this type of training there’s lots of great inspiration on the internet!

5. It costs nothing!
Gym or sports club memberships come at a price, which can be inhibitive for many! Don’t let cost come between you and your wellbeing – exercising outdoors costs absolutely nothing!

Would you like to start exercising outdoors as part of a group? Wellness by Oriflame has groups of like-minded individuals all over the world, who exercise together and support each other in their health and wellbeing goals. Talk to your Wellness consultant to find out if there is a group like this near you. And if not? Why not get something started?!