How to use hybrid make-up to achieve a radiant look

We all want a radiant look, right? Who can resist dreamy glowing make-up, with luscious colour on the lips, perfectly defined eyes and hydrated skin that looks lit-from-within? There are so many products on the market promising radiance, but how do you know which ones really work? The answer is to look for hybrid make-up. Hybrid make-up takes advanced make-up formulations which deliver on a flawless look, and adds some ingredients best known from skincare to give your look a lasting boost. Let’s look a little more closely at Giordani Gold’s first hybrid make-up collection Radiant Bliss, to understand a bit more about how make-up can boost our radiance.

H is for Hydration – the first step to a radiant look
The key to a radiant look is hydration. Across the Radiant Bliss Collection, ingredients that maintain hydration have been selected to give you the best possible moisture infusion from your make-up.

If you like your hydration clinically proven, look no further than Giordani Gold Iconic Radiance Lipstick. Moisture Touch Spheres are a hydration technology specifically tailored to the lip area. Hydrated lips appear fuller, and an impressive moisture increase of no less than 49% was achieved in clinical tests. Further clinical testing showed that the lipstick reduced the look of fine lines by 22% and increased lip smoothness by 25%.

Hyaluronic acid has become a buzz ingredient in skincare formulations, and for good reason. It is found naturally in the body, where its primary function is to retain moisture. It can even hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water!

Giordani Iconic Glide Eyeliner gives your radiant look a boost of hydration with hyaluronic acid in the formulation. This helps to retain moisture in the delicate eye area, and supports skin elasticity, flexibility and natural resilience. Giordani Gold Iconic Sculpting Lip Liner also contains hyaluronic acid to help lips feel hydrated both instantly and over time.

But what if we could tailor the kind of hyaluronic acid for better skin penetration? With a radiant look in mind, our formulation scientists included a different kind of hyaluronic acid when creating Giordani Gold Radiant Gel CC SPF 25. This hybrid make-up CC cream contains specially tailored low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which better penetrates the skin, giving you hydrated, lit-from-within radiance.


Vitamins B5, E & F, Cloudberry Seed Oil and Barbary Fig Oil
We know that eating a daily vitamin supplement gives our immune system a boost, but how can applying vitamins and natural oils in hybrid make-up products help boost our natural radiance?

Radiant Bliss Infusion is an exclusive blend of vitamins and natural oils that help to nourish, protect, strengthen, moisturise and revitalise: Vitamin B5 helps to nourish the lip and eye area for a softer, smoother, more supple feel, while Vitamin E helps to protect as you wear thanks to antioxidant activity. Vitamin F helps to strengthen the natural lipid barrier to reinforce its defence.

Natural oils can bring skincare-like benefits too: Cloudberry Seed Oil helps to retain moisture thanks to its high sugar and mineral content while Barbary Fig Oil is recognised to be rich in essential fatty acids found naturally in the body to help revitalise.


This exclusive blend is infused into the formulations of Giordani Gold Iconic Radiance Lipstick, Giordani Iconic Glide Eyeliner and Giordani Gold Iconic Sculpting Lip Liner.

Try A Universal Lip Liner for the Ultimate Base for your Radiant Lip Look.
Lastly, lets focus on how to really get that perfect base for your radiant lip look with a little help from a universal lip liner. Giordani Gold Sculpting Lip Liner is the perfect base coat: a hybrid make-up product that performs like a lip liner but is transparent, so you no longer need to consider shade matching with your lippy. It not only gives you a better lip condition and a fuller, more sculpted pout, but it will save space in your make up bag!

Giordani Gold Sculpting Lip Liner is a dreamy match with Giordani Gold Iconic Radiance Lipstick, but really the beauty of this lip liner is that it can be worn with any lipstick: matte, glossy or liquid. Your lips will feel sculpted and it helps to avoid bleeding, smudging and feathering. With seamless glide, hyaluronic acid, Radiant Bliss Infusion and a sumptuous, weightless texture, this hybrid lip liner ensures your favourite lipstick stays in place for longer!

So, with the advanced ingredients inspired by skincare, Radiant Bliss Collection from is hybrid make-up that will truly boost your radiance.