The 7 best cleansers for all skin types and how to choose them

As much as we love playing with make-up as the festivities approach, there’s nothing more empowering than taking it all off. Each of our seven essential face washes offers a unique pampering experience, but they all share a common goal—to give you the confidence to embrace your authentic self throughout the season and beyond.

Novage+ Refresh Gel Cleanser
Novage+ Refresh Gel Cleanser is a powerhouse suitable for all skin types. Infused with skin-identical ingredients, it honours your skin's natural beauty. This gel-to-foam formula effortlessly removes make-up, pollutants, and SPF, leaving your skin refreshed and fortified. What sets it apart is the Bio Lipid System, an innovative Bio Activating Technology enriched with plant-based, barrier-boosting oils.

Best for: All skin types seeking a radiant holiday glow
Texture: Foaming gel
Key feature: Bio Lipid System for dual-action cleansing and protection

Novage+ Comfort Oil-to-Milk Cleanser
Novage+ Comfort Oil-to-Milk Cleanser is your haven of tranquillity during the bustling holidays. This transformative cleanser shifts from oil to a gentle milk when mixed with water, effectively removing make-up, impurities, and SPF. Its Bio Lipid System ensure your skin’s pH balance is maintained. Notably, it’s also an excellent precursor to a water-based face wash for a powerful double cleanse.

Best for: Double cleansing amidst holiday chaos
Texture: Transformative oil-to-milk
Key feature: Bio Lipid System for pH-balancing nourishment and cellular renewal


Waunt Level Up Butter Cleanser
Need a cleanser that's as luxurious as it is effective? Elevate your skincare with Waunt Level Up Butter Cleanser, where efficacy meets deep hydration. Its pampering texture shifts from butter to cleansing oils to milk when mixed with water, dissolving all make-up and grime. Featuring ethically sourced Cupuaçu butter from the Brazilian Amazon, this formulation has been created with vegan approved ingredients and is registered with The Vegan Society™.

Best for: Discerning vegan beauty enthusiasts
Texture: Multi-phase transformation
Key feature: Vegan formulation with intense hydration

Novage+ Skinrelief Pro Resilient Foam Cleanser
Sensitive skin deserves specialised care, and Novage+ Skinrelief Pro Resilient Foam Cleanser rises to the challenge. Its gentle formula effectively removes make-up and impurities while soothing and maintaining your skin's natural resilience. The standout features are Ultra Calm Technology and d-Panthenol, which work harmoniously to nurture sensitive skin over time.

Best for: Sensitive skin seeking calming, anti-inflammatory care
Texture: Soothing foam
Key feature: Ultra Calm Technology and d-Panthenol for gentle resilience


Optimals Urban Guard 3D Multifunctional Cleanser
Urban dwellers rejoice, as Optimals Urban Guard 3D Multifunctional Cleanser stands as your ultimate defence! This 3-in-1 formula purifies, exfoliates, and revitalises, making it ideal for pollution-stressed skin. Its defining feature is the synergy of antioxidant polyphenols, Salicylic Acid, and natural exfoliator Blueberry Crush, working together for a deep cleansing experience.

Best for: Deep pore cleansing in urban environments
Texture: Foaming formula
Key feature: Urban shield with antioxidants and gentle exfoliation

Optimals Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water
For swift and efficient cleansing and make-up removal, Optimals Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water is your trusted solution. With a weightless texture and a no-rinse, no-rub formula, it gently purifies while maintaining hydration levels. Featuring HydraRise Technology and Ursolic Acid from Heather, this mild formula offers a refreshing and soothing experience, even suitable for delicate areas like the lips and eyes.

Best for: On-the-go cleansing and make-up removal
Texture: Weightless micellar water
Key feature: Ursolic Acid from Heather and HydraRise Technology for soothing hydration

Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser
Make cleansing a part of your holiday beauty ritual with Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser. This multifunctional face wash not only cleanses but also tones and removes make-up. Micellar Technology, White Truffle extract, and Skin Luminous Active are all combined to provide an all-in-one solution that leaves your skin radiant, smooth, and deeply invigorated.

Best for: All-in-one cleansing and toning
Texture: Micellar solution
Distinctive feature: Micellar technology with White Truffle extract for a radiant complexion

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