Oil and Water Do Mix: 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Oil Cleansing

If you have oily skin, it can seem an impossible feat to navigate the skin care jungle in search of a cleansing routine that suits your needs. But imagine if we told you that oil cleansing is actually one of the most effective cleansing methods to attain a flawless complexion? Find out why this K-beauty skin care trend has taken the world by storm.

First of all, what is oil cleansing?
As the name suggests, oil cleansing involves using an oil to clean your skin and is the first step in the double cleansing method. It works based on the “like-dissolves-like” rule of chemistry, where a cleansing oil dissolves and lifts the hardened oily impurities in your skin, such as sebum, pollutants, dirt, and makeup. Oil cleansing is often gentler than other face washes or cleansers, which can contain harsh ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils.

Wait, what is the double cleansing method?
The double cleansing method involves cleansing your face first with an oil-based cleanser (as described above) and then following up with a water-based/rinse-off cleanser. Oil cleansing is an important first step, as oily impurities are a big contributor to clogged pores and blemishes. The water-based cleanser will then remove water-based impurities such as sweat and old skin cells, making it easier for your skin to absorb serums and moisturisers more effectively.

Why should I incorporate oil cleansing into my routine?

1. It’s kind to your skin
Those with oily skin often tend to over cleanse their skin, thereby drying it out. This only exacerbates the problem, as the skin overcompensates by producing, you guessed it, more oil! By oil cleansing, you can effectively cleanse and moisturise your skin without the negative effects of harsher cleansers.

2. It’s a facial cleanser and a makeup remover – all in one!
Nothing’s worse than getting home after a long night of drinks to the struggle of removing your super duty waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipstick, when all you want to do is hit the hay. Oil cleansing makes the process pain free and is noticeably more effective than traditional make up removers at removing your stubborn evening look – this is important, as poorly removed makeup can contribute to blocked pores and unsightly blemishes.

3. There’s an oil for everyone
When you use the right oils, you can effectively dissolve oil-based impurities and replenish at the same time with more hydrating oils that nourish and clear your skin from blemishes. Our NovAge Facial Cleansing Oil is specially formulated with natural Evening Primrose Oil, a nourishing oil that works on all skin types and is designed to cleanse the skin of oily impurities. The best part? It glides on as oil and transforms into a milky lotion that can quickly and easily be rinsed off.

So forget all of your preconceptions about oil and skin care, and try adding the tried and tested double cleansing method to your skin care routine! We promise you won’t look back.