The power of water in the Nordics

Have you experienced a quiet sense of calm wash over you when you look out into the ocean? You’re not imagining it – as an essential element of life, open water instinctively has the power to make us feel harmonious when we are close to it. And the power of water doesn’t stop there – from the energising effect of aquatic scents to skin-loving ingredients extracted from the sea, plus increasing our skin hydration; it’s a powerful element in your beauty products too.

Be transported to open water with an aquatic perfume
Aquatic fragrances splashed onto the perfume scene in a big way in the Nineties – and have been trending ever since. Often topping the best-seller lists globally, we asked Principal Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin why watery facets are so popular: “Freshness is always a desirable effect in fragrances, and aquatic tones are an important part of creating freshness,” says Pellegrin. “Watery notes are refreshing, and make the wearer feel energised! They also give the feeling of being clean and fresh, as if just out of the shower.” Transport yourself to a mesmerising aquatic world each morning with a revitalising spritz of Nordic Waters Eau de Parfums, for an energising start to the day.


Powerful oceanic ingredients
Beauty products infused with ingredients from the sea evoke a spa-like quality, while also boasting powerful skin-loving properties. We like to call these ingredients the power of the ocean! Our Swedish Spa range is developed with marine algae extracts including Corallina Officinalis – known to be found in cool waters near the Swedish coast, this calcareous red seaweed brings revitalising benefits to this nourishing body range. Give your skin an at-home spa treat with the ultimate body duo: Exfoliate your body with the Salt Crystals Body Scrub (with salt crystals and almond shells), then sumptuously moisturise with the rich Whipped Waves Body Butter. Your skin will thank you. 

Up the hydration in your beauty routine
We all know how important it is to drink water, but did you know your hydration levels are integral to your body’s performance – and the appearance of your skin. “The human body, including all its cells, consist of approximately 60% water, making it the main component of the body. That’s why it’s so important to hydrate regularly to ensure the body functions at its best,” explains Oriflame’s Registered Dietitian and Senior Global Wellness Trainer Marlene Norlander. ”Lack of fluid is the one thing that will degrade your performance the fastest, and non-sufficient hydration can cause skin dehydration while also impacting your overall wellbeing negatively.”

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