6 of the best travel-sized beauty products to bring on your next trip

In these post-pandemic times everyone is making travel plans. We want to go the minute we book, and we want to travel light. Multi-use beauty products in travel size are put on top of your packing list. Here are six essentials that you’ll want to add.

Mascara for all occasions
Go from a day sightseeing to a night out with friends with this Double Effect Mascara – think two different brushes, but only one product. Choose the upper brush for length and definition, the bottom for dramatic volume. This multipurpose mascara contains a smudge-proof formula that will make your look last all day long.

Magic travel makeup for your brows and eyes
If you’re searching for the perfect travel sized beauty product to highlight your eyes and brows, look no further. The One Brows and Eyes kit will be your best travel-companion. In the tiny packaging you’ll find three brown shades in a transforming powder to cream formula. This means that the product can be used dry as it is to fill out and define eyebrows, and as a soft powder eyeshadow. But if you add a splash of water, it will become a creamy eyeliner. Sounds like magic, right?


Small but powerful hydrating balm
When you’re traveling it’s easy to forget to bring a beauty product that hydrates your skin. The packages are often too big and not appropriate when packing light. However, we have the solution to this problem, and it spells The Tender Care Protecting Balm. This is a multipurpose beauty product that nourishes lips, cuticles, hands, elbows, heels and knees. The travel size balm even fits in a small handbag and can be brought to any adventure.

The travel sized Contouring kit
Doing a last-minute touch-up in the car? The One Contouring kit will help you create the perfect finish. This multi-use beauty product includes bronzer, blush and highlighter – all in a slim, travel sized packaging. Available in three shades to perfectly match your skin tone.


Lipstick with SPF30+
Not excited to rock those white sunscreen-covered lips on your trip to the beach? Get the Iconic Radiance Lipstick SPF30+ and you will look great while at the same time being protected from the sun. It’s a win, win! This weightless, travel-friendly lipstick is clinically proven to hydrate and smooth lip texture. And, as the cherry on top, there’re nine different colors to choose from!

3-in-1 cleanser to check-in
Treat your skin even when you’re traveling! A cleanser, mask and scrub, all-in-one functional package, is a must-have for that hotel room spa night. The Urban Guard 3D Multifunctional Cleanser is created by our skin nutrition experts to purify, gently exfoliate and revitalize skin. The formula includes all the good stuff such as antioxidant polyphenols from Nordic Spruce, Salicylic Acid (BHA) and the natural exfoliator Blueberry Crush. Worth noting though is that this packaging runs slightly too big to be a travel sized beauty product, so to follow all the rules (and avoid getting stuck in security) just put it in your check-in luggage and you’re god to go.