Sculpt + glow with face massage
Udgivet: 23-02-2024
A quick scroll through TikTok and you’ll notice beauty lovers are still obsessing over face massages – and for good reason. They require zero needles, lasers or invasive tools, yet the skin-benefits can be impressive. Want a more sculpted jawline, defined cheekbones or plump, glowing skin? Get ready with us (and learn a trick or two) as we share our favourite face massage tips for morning and night.

Watch our step-by-step guide as we take you through some face massage tips – your skin will thank you.

Radiance-boosting tip
Elevate your face massage by smoothing an oil over your skin before you start. We love using Novage+ Intense Nourishment Facial Oil Capsules – they give just the right amount of slip to make massaging your face contours easy, plus they give your skin a luscious radiant glow! It’s a win-win.
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Morning massage: Preps skin for the day
Rise and shine in the morning with an energising face massage to sculpt, lift and glow!
With oil smoothed over clean skin, begin at the brow bone – using index finger and thumb, apply medium pressure and lift outwards and upwards. Then move down to define cheekbones – with fingers flat, move outwards, following the face contours up to the ears. Finish with firm strokes along the jawline, gliding outwards with thumbs leading the way as your index finger supports the face. Repeat each step 10 times.
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What happens to our skin while we sleep?
Did you know your skin works harder at night, restoring a healthy-looking complexion while you dream? “Night is one of the best times to look after your skin,” says Michelle Mangan, Senior Scientist (Cosmetic technologies). “It uses this time to carry out important biological processes, helping your skin repair and rejuvenate itself overnight.” From combating free radical damage caused by UV rays and pollution, to increased cell turnover, regenerated collagen production and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, it’s safe to say the term “beauty sleep” is perfectly apt.
Optimise this renewal process by adding a nourishing night mask to your evening routine – we love slathering skin with a rich layer of Novage+ Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask before sleep, so our skin wakes up glowing and recharged in the morning.
Night massage: Calms the mind
Just before bed (or like we do, as you hop into bed!), end each day with a calming face massage to both relax your mind and nourish your skin – it’s the perfect night routine.
Smooth oil over clean skin, then start to release forehead tension that’s collected during the day – with fingers flat, sweep outwards using alternate hands for 15 seconds. Now to relax the eye area – using gentle pressure, slowly move fingers outwards along the orbital bone, up to the temples. Repeat 5 times, making sure you avoid getting too close to eyes (you don’t want to get oil in them). Finish by embracing your face in your hands and close your eyes – hold for 10 seconds while you take some relaxing deep breaths.
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