Best makeup tips and tricks for mature skin
Udgivet: 20-12-2023
Beauty evolves with age, and so should our approach to makeup. It’s not just about specific lip colours or eyeshadow shades (if you love it, wear it!), but the makeup formulas and techniques you should use regularly. Explore the best makeup tips to enhance mature skin, celebrating every line and contour with confidence and grace.
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Primer is non-negotiable
As the years go by, it becomes even more essential to prep and prime your skin like the precious canvas it is. Start with the Giordani Gold Serum Boost Primer, a hydrating powerhouse infused with hyaluronic acid, perfect for mature skin. This ingredient not only smooths fine lines but also ensures your makeup adheres seamlessly.
Alternatively, choose the Waunt Skin Retoucher for an instant skin-perfecting effect. This award-winning hybrid primer cream boasts Hydrosphere Technology, quenching your skin with deep hydration from the inside and outside. How you treat your skin sets the tone for how good your makeup will look.
Seamless, less-is-more application
You can’t hide wrinkles, so don’t try to, because you’ll only draw more attention to them. Cater to mature skin with a soft hand and delicate brushstrokes. Swap out powder products for cream-based alternatives to avoid settling into fine lines.
Mix a drop of IlluSkin Liquid Highlighter with your Eternal Glow Foundation for a radiant finish. Use a damp makeup sponge to blend, focusing on stippling rather than dragging. Build coverage gradually where needed, allowing your skin to shine through for a radiant, youthful glow.
Blush placement
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Revitalise your complexion with strategic blush placement. The “apple of your cheeks” rule isn’t as effective as you age. Instead, apply your Serum Infused Pearls slightly above your cheekbones, blending upward to lift the face and impart a natural, lively glow. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Youth Reveal Serum, GG’s pearls are ideal for mature skin as they enhance radiance, softness, and skin texture.
Lift and define eyebrows
Preserving eyebrow hairs becomes crucial with age, as they are often the first to go – tweezers are no longer your friend. Use the Giordani Gold triangular-tipped brow pencil to add definition, focusing on filling in sparse areas. Its creamy formula and duel-ended cushion applicator make it easy to trace the natural arch of your brows for a flattering and natural-looking shape. Finish with a browcara to set the hairs in place, giving your eyes an instant lift.
Sculpt your power pout
As you grow older, the skin around your mouth starts to wrinkle, leading to an uneven lip line. Help outline and better define your lips with the Giordani Gold Sculpting Lip Liner infused with skin-loving ingredients. You can add gloss on top for shine and definition, but preferably one that’s not too heavy or sticky. Remember, avoiding certain colours with age is a myth, so choose any lipstick shade that makes you happy – the finish is purely up to taste.


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