Your guide to finding the best mascara wand for your lashes
Udgivet: 19-01-2024
Hourglass, curved and cone shaped – always wondered what the differences between all the mascara wands are? We hear you, let’s sort it out! Here’s the ultimate guide for finding the best mascara wand for your lashes.
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The cone shaped mascara wand
The lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eye can be hard to reach, but not with a cone shaped mascara wand! This shape covers every single lash evenly and provides length and volume all around. The wand works great on all types of lashes – long and short, thin and thick.
The mascara to try: Giordani Gold Angel Caress Lengthening Mascara
The thick, oversized mascara wand
Do you want serious volume and thickness? Go for a big sized mascara wand with densely packed bristles. It will grab hold of the formula and give you a big-eyed, chunky look. If you have curled and dense looking lashes this wand shape is the best choice.
The mascara to try: The One Tremendous Mascara
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The long, skinny mascara wand
Rocking curly, short, or fine lashes? Then the skinny mascara wand is perfect for you! It will cover your lashes from root to tip, making them appear longer, separated and more defined.
The mascara to try: The One Hypnotic Depth Mascara Triple Black
The hourglass shaped mascara wand
The curves of the hourglass shaped mascara wand are designed to follow the shape of your eye and distribute formula evenly to every lash. The wand will build volume and length, giving you a beautiful, wide-eyed look. If you have sparse lashes this shape should be at the top of your shopping list.
The mascara to try: The One Tremendous Fierce Mascara
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The curved mascara wand
Dreaming about curled lashes? A curved mascara wand will help you get there. The design will provide a lift to the root of your lashes and pull them up as you apply, creating that curl you’ve always wanted.
The mascara to try: The One In Action Sweat-Proof Mascara
The bendable mascara wand
Get the 360° false lash look with a bendable mascara wand. This design will make it easier to reach every lash for high impact, instant volume, and lasting curl. You’ll have complete control of your application and will not have to coat the same lashes twice.
The mascara to try: The One False Lashes 360° Bendable Mascara
The comb mascara wand
If you have short, sparse lashes, why not give the comb-shaped mascara wand a go. It will coat every lash and keep them as fanned out as possible, making sure they don’t stick together. The result will be beautiful, natural looking lashes.
The mascara to try: The One 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Ultra Mascara Black
Tremendous Mascara
Tremendous Mascara
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