Pick your potion: The most seductive, sensual scents that get you in the mood!

Embrace the different facets of your sensuality with our seductive Love Potion perfumes and get in the mood for pleasure, whether it’s with your partner…or yourself. Read on to find the right scent for you!

Whether you are going on a date with your partner or having some special me-time with yourself, wearing a sensual perfume can heighten your senses and get you in the mood for love. The right one can feel like a sigh of pleasure, and just a whiff can get you excited and make you feel desirable, feminine and empowered. Since pleasure is on the agenda, why not go for perfumes containing one of the most pleasurable aphrodisiacs there is – chocolate!

Our Love Potions are sensual gourmand perfumes  created with main notes of different kinds of luscious chocolate. Chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac and is said to boost your mood and stimulate feelings of attraction, making these perfumes perfect for moments of love and intimacy. So, what are you in the mood for?


Flirty date night: A bold and sexy perfume
When you’re looking to attract that hot person you’ve been eyeing or have a sexy date, this seductive scent will get you locking eyes (and lips!) in no-time. Love Potion with a chocolate base note is a bold, confident scent for the ladies who want to be seen. It’s the kind of perfume you wear like Marilyn Monroe. A few spritzes on bare skin…and nothing else.

An intimate night in: A sweet, feminine perfume
Time with your partner or love interest isn’t always about seduction. Sometimes, you just want to create a moment of intimacy and love, where you talk about your deepest secrets and desires, gently caressing each other in the candlelight. Love Potion Secrets with a base note of white chocolate is for when you want to feel soft and sensual, sharing what’s in your heart. It’s a sweet, delectable fragrance that will make you feel irresistible!

A Day of self-love: An empowering, sensual perfume
Sometimes, you just want to feel sexy for yourself, and no one else! Feeling attractive, strong and empowered is all about taking caring care of your own needs, whether psychological or physical. Love Potion Sensual Ruby with a heart note of ruby chocolate is for moments of self-pleasure and exploring your senses. So, take a night for yourself and enjoy some of life’s pleasures - like an enticing scent, dancing in your underwear, touching your own skin or letting a piece of chocolate slowly melt on your tongue. This luxuriously gourmand fragrance with fruity, floral and chocolate notes will open you up to a world of pleasure.

Did you find your scent? Click here to read more about our Love Potions.

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