Love Nature products are more delightful than ever!

Our Love Nature range has always celebrated delicious natural ingredients. But today nature-lovers are looking for more with their products. Read on to discover all the amazing new things you’ll love with the new Love Nature!

Upgraded and delightful formulations
Our delicious new ranges of body and hair care products bring you even juicier organic ingredients in nature-inspired formulations – all bursting with improved skin and hair-loving benefits, mouth-watering scents and irresistible textures.

Formulated without parabens and silicones, every product also contains at least one organic and natural extract (most contain two!). And because of our commitment to lowering our impact on our water systems, all our rinse-off products have been formulated to be biodegradable.

Increased naturality and transparency
We have also done our best to increase the level naturality of our products where possible – and then clearly show it. All our soaps, conditioners, body creams and body lotions now proudly display the exact percentage of natural origin ingredients on their pack.

However, because our wash products such as shampoo, shower gel, shower cream and liquid hand soap required an important cleansing ingredient that is safe, performing but synthetic, we chose not to communicate the percentage of natural origin ingredients.

Even more joyful scents and textures
You’ll be happy to know that we kept your favourite and most-loved combinations of natural ingredients – and added some new ones that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. For an even more joyful and sensorial experience, we’ve also developed rich textures that you won’t be able to keep your hands off!


Improved results
We also wanted to provide more performing formulations for your daily body and hair care and cleansing needs. That’s why all body lotions and body creams are tested to prove their moisturising abilities at 24 hours for lotions, and 48 hours for creams.

More sustainable packaging
The formulations aren’t the only thing we’ve improved. Finally, we made sure all Love Nature packaging includes PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic. And just as we did for the level of naturality, the exact amount of PCR plastic is clearly labelled on the pack for each product. It goes without saying we’re most proud of all bottles with 100% PCR plastic!

We’re so proud of all these juicy details, we even have a page dedicated to them  – and more – where you can read more about the product claims and how they were developed with both you and the planet in mind.