Colour Psychology: How Colours Effect Your Mood And Emotions

Most of us know that colours have an effect on emotions, but did you know there are serious scientific studies about colour that examine how they effect your mood and emotions?

What is Colour Psychology?
Colour psychology is a practice that examines how colour and mood relate, and how we emotionally respond to colours. Research suggests that sociological factors such as culture, age, and gender play a huge role in how we perceive and respond to colour, but documented experiments also suggest that we share intrinsic responses to colour.

At the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, a leading brain research facility in Melbourne Australia, researchers discovered in an experiment about emotional responses to colour that pastels (light greens, lilacs and blues) made participants feel calm ¬¬¬– while brighter, more vivid colours such asrobust reds and punchy oranges made participants feel upbeat and excited. Amazingly, colours can even change our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, as researchers Keith Jacobs and Frank Hustmyer discovered in 1974.

But not only can colours effect our own moods but also the way other people respond to us. Which means something as simple as a lipstick can help to not only put yourself in the mood for an important conversation, it might also give your audience a specifc colour response.

So Which Colours Create Which Emotions?

Want to get someone’s attention? Red is your colour. the color red captures and holds attention. It draws attention to your lips and has been associated with being powerful, self-assured, and beautiful for centuries. It’s also strongly associated with romance and passion, making it a perfect colour for love and virtual dates.

Not unlike red or yellow, orange is used to draw attention – think traffic cones! – but also stimulates energy. So if you have the colouring to pull it off, orange-based lip colour can help keep you – and influence others to be in - an energised and upbeat mood.

And then there’s pink – our personal favourite – the so called girl’s girl color and does wonders to improve your mood. It is associated with light-heartedness, romance and happiness. Interestingly, it also one of the colours that draws the most engagement from Instagram users, according to a study by the Pantone Color Institute, marketing platform Fohr and Visit Carlsbad.

Pink holds a unique position in the classic lipstick colour spectrum, as it also is very warm and calming. Wear it anytime you need a happiness boost, and signal to others your positive intentions and confidently bright approach to life.

Of course no lipstick palette is complete without its gorgeous nudes according to style gurus around the world. Many claim that nude is the most stylish colour of all and recommend enhancing your unique natural colouring with their subtly stunning effect. Could it be argued that a nude shade of lipstick is the ultimate signal of confidence?

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